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Special Offer

10% Off all Duvet Cleans

All Summer Long

Pop in Store or complete

contact us at bottom of this page 

to arrange 

Collection & Delivery

FOC in Bury 

small charge applies outside Bury

Cleaning your Duvets at least once a year keeps bacteria and Dust Mites in check 

Farthings Dry CleanersBury St Edmunds.....

We Clean - We Wash - We Alter - We Iron - We Care - We Collect - We Deliver 

Folded Towels


Opening Hours

Mon  9.30 am - 4pm

Tues  9.30am - 4pm

Wed  9.30am - 4pm

Thurs Book by appointment

if you need to collect or drop off simply call and we'll book you in 

Call .... 07391 550 349

Fri  9.30am - 4pm

Sat  9.30am - 2pm


Sun: Closed all day

Collection and Delivery Service

Call 07391 550 349 for details

Shop 01284 70 10 60

Wedding Dress Cleaning
and Preservation Service

Laundry Room


We Deliver and Collect Free of charge

7 days a week  

in Bury St Edmunds 

small charges apply outside Bury

Call 01284 70 10 60  or  07391 550 349

so we can book you in for a collection - if you have 

some heavy curtains or Sofa Covers let us take the strain 

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